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About Digital Ox

Digital Ox Inc. is a team of IT experts with a wide range of experience across many industries (health, gaming, financial, government, manufacturing) specializing in software solutions.

Our core competency is built on web based technologies (Nodejs/JavaScript, Python, Html/CSS) and Microsoft™ technologies (C#/VB .Net™, SharePoint™, Azure™, Office 365™).

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Web Sites

Need a website to promote yourself or your business? Have enterprise needs for web applications to connect your multiple services together? We can build you everything from a simple website to a full scale intranet solution.


Cloud Services

What is the cloud? We can help you get your feet wet or jump full into the cloud. We specialize in Microsoft™ technologies (Office 365™/Azure™). If you are looking for website hosting solution or to move your enterprise completely to the cloud we can help.


Custom Programming

Need a unique specific solution? Need to improve your business processes? Need better data management? Solving these problems and software is the artform we love to craft.


Specialized Solutions

We will become an expert in any software you need. With our years of experience and technical skills we have the ability to manage your IT needs better than our competitors.

See Intrahealth EMR below as an example.


Just looking for some insight or another angle on something? We're happy to give our opinion based on years of experience.

HackForge Tech Community Supporter

Intrahealth (Profile EMR)

We are well experienced with the EMR product called Profile created by Intrahealth. We had the great opportunity to be the first to bring Intrahealth to Ontario and they are starting to have great presence and impact amongst the public health sector.

We are currently helping out multiple health units in Ontario with custom solutions.

What we can do
  • data migration
  • forms
  • macros
  • reports
  • audits
  • custom solutions

Contact Digital Ox Inc.

Feel free to contact us at or 1-226-526-4338