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Stay up to date with README P&P!

Get the confidence that your employees are adhering to company policies and procedures. Automated notifications to users of policy changes. Owners can monitor current state with adherance reports. Plus many more features.

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Our Core Features

Just Links

We track the documents by meta data only where they exist in your environment accessible to only you.

Adherance Reports

Management can track and escalate mandated adherance of required documents.

Multi Manual

Support for numerous departmental manuals.


Users are notifed of changes and unread requirements.

Easy Access

Notification emails contain single click links for quick access.

Easy Pricing

Flat rate pricing based on size of organization.

Designed For The Enterprise, also great for SMBs!

Most small & medium business are missing effective management of policy and procedure compliance in the workplace. Readme provides an inexpensive, easy to use, feature full service for managing employees compliance.

Why Choose Readme

Tracking and notification.

Readme will help with tracking which documents have been read, and which ones need to be read. Daily, Weekly, Monthly email reminders are sent with outstanding unread policies and their deadlines.

Documents are safe.

Your policy and procedure documents remain in your environment. We are only tracking the location that you already have access to.

Get In On The Beta

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