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Does your business have an IT plan? Organizations whose success depends on technology (which company doesn't), it is important to set objectives for the IT department. Objectives enable more efficient functional capabilities as well as better strategic positioning to stay competitive.

Digital Ox can help setup up a plan and manage the ongoing processes of review and change.

Does your business have a disaster recovery plan? This is often ignored by the majority of businesses but no matter how small or big you are losing valuable IT knowledge and/or equipment in a disaster scenario can be the end of a business.

Digital Ox can help document your existing IT infrastructure, data backups, software, service connections, etc. and create that plan for you. The primary goal of the plan is to get the business up to 100% running effectively as quickly as possible at a different location in the case of a disaster.

Would your employees benefit from an IT expert to throw tech questions at? Most small businesses are relying on friends of friends to keep their heads barely above water with IT.

Digital Ox can be there to give direction, research, desktop support and the peace of mind that you have an expert an email or phone call away.

Why choose Digital Ox?

We have years of experience documenting and planning for disasters for small and enterprise businesses.

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