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Intrahealth Profile

Macro C#,VB,Javascript scripting
External custom solutions

Intrahealth Profile

Intrahealth Group

Intrahealth is a multinational corporation that has built a world class enterprise medical record system.

If you are interested in Intrahealth and their products please visit their site. Visit

What we can do

Data Migration

We can take your data from nearly any data source and get it into Profile. Anything from a few records to millions of records regardless if the data is rich or not.

Macro Development

We can write macros in,, VBScript, Javascript to do almost anything you require. Macros are a great way to add custom logic for security, tracking, UI richness, etc.

Form Development

With experience developing hundreds of forms we can create very rich form experiences for your users. We can mimic government forms or create very large dynamic forms.

Reporting Big Data

We have create thousands of reports inside and outside of Profile. We can use Find Objects Query, Microsoft SQL Reports, Crystal Reports, Microsoft Power BI, Tableau. Anything from an error report, daily log, or custom XML report to be sent to a government end-point, we can help.

Custom Solutions

Over the years we have found many opportunities to develop extensions or parallel solutions that tightly or loosely leverage Profile. With our years of experience of Profile we have great potential for solving your unique needs.

Why choose Digital Ox?

We have many years of experience working with the Profile product including implementing, data migration, customizations, and interfaces. We currently help multiple health unit organizations with many aspects of customizing and special solutions development.

We are proud to be the first to bring Intrahealth into the Ontario public health sector and because this product is great it has spread throughout the province with much success.


We can work by the hour, bank of hours, or project based. We can work alone, or collaborative with your IT team. To give us the best working environment closest to your production environment we prefer to be provided a copy of your database (after running eliminator to remove sensitive data). This method provides us with the complete setup of your Profile. Then immediately we can start taking requests and go from there.

Contact Digital Ox Inc.

Feel free to contact us at or 1-226-526-4338